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What if I don't treat White Line Disease?

It can be incredibly dangerous for your horse.
White line disease “eats away” and deteriorates the inner section of the hoof wall causing hoof wall separation. Because the hoof wall supports most of the horses’ weight, any structural weakening in the hoof can cause lameness, even leading to laminitis or founder, a potentially crippling condition.

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1. Clean the bottom of the hoof of dirt and debris.
2. Remove shoe, if possible and applicable.
3. Using a nail, debride the affected area of white line.
4. Apply a thin line of B Gone White Line Treatment around the white line. Treating areas of the white line that appear healthy will do no harm.
5. Reapply once a week for barefoot horses or each shoeing cycle for shod horses until hoof wall has completely grown out. 

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Questions? Let us help

What can happen if my horse has WLD?

If left untreated, white line disease in horses can cause painful laminitis allowing the coffin bone to separate from the laminae. In extreme laminitis cases, the coffin bone can rotate so much that it penetrates the sole because the hoof has lost its internal connectivity and support system.

How does B Gone White Line Treatment Work?

B Gone White Line Treatment works by stopping pathogens from further damaging healthy hoof wall tissue. This allows the horses’ coronary band, where new hoof wall tissue forms, to grow out at the rate of 1/4" to 5/8” per month. The new growth pushes the damaged hoof wall down where it is trimmed away by the farrier.

The hoof wall is just like your finger nail which is made up of dead cells that cannot heal. If your finger nail becomes damaged, the damaged area does not regrow. Rather, new cells in the cuticle grow out so the older damaged cells get trimmed off when your finger nails get long.

How do you know your horse may have white line disease?

Scenario #1: It’s time to shoe the horse. You pull the shoes, trim the feet and shape the shoes. Just when you are ready to nail one on, you notice a small cavity just inside the white line. Picking it with a nail shows a white, powdery substance coming out. You scratch some more and your nail goes part way up the hoof wall. Chances are you’re looking at WLD.

Scenario #2: Pulling the shoes, you notice hoof wall separation where the sole meets the hoof wall. Probing with a nail you notice that separation goes much higher up the hoof wall. Chances are you’re looking at white line disease.  

Scenario #3: The owner reports on and off lameness. The feet and shoes look good and so do the legs. You do a hoof test with testers but nothing shows up. Tapping on the hoof wall reveals a suspicious hollow sound. The vet’s called in to shoot some radiographs that reveal a cavity in the hoof wall. You may be looking at white line disease.

What does white line disease look like?

White line disease appears on the white line or laminae. You can see the white line looking at the sole of the horse. White line disease has a chalky, almost white powdery look to it. When you scrape it with a nail or probe, it will start to disintegrate. White line disease can run up the laminae parallel with the hoof wall often going high up into the wall or even higher.

How many treatments to a tube?

The amount you will use will depend on how severe the white line disease is. A tube will usually have about 12 treatments per tube.

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