How to Apply

Step by Step Process for Using B Gone

Clean the Area

1. Clean the bottom of the hoof of dirt and debris.

2. Remove the shoe, if needed, to get directly at the affected area of the white line.

3. Using a nail, debride the affected area.

Apply B Gone

4. Apply a thin line of B Gone White Line Treatment around the white line using the convenient syringe. Put it right on the area where it’s needed. Treating healthy areas of the white line will not harm it.

5. Reapply once a week for barefoot horses or each shoeing cycle for shod horses until hoof wall has completely grown out.

Questions About Treating White Line Disease with B Gone?

We’re glad you purchased B Gone White Line Treatment to put an end to white line disease in horses’ hooves. If you have any questions on using the product, call or text us at (770) 401-4886, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or send an email to