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B Gone White Line Treatment

B Gone White Line Treatment

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B Gone White Line Treatment stops potentially crippling white line disease in horses’ hoofs. Simply apply B Gone White Line Treatment to the affected area. No more caustic chemicals or soaking boots. It really works and it’s affordable too! 

B Gone White Line Treatment is the only solution endorsed by professional farriers to stop white line disease (WLD) in its tracks. B Gone White Line Treatment is easy-to-use and effective because it’s applied directly to the infected hoof area using a convenient 60cc syringe. Its blend of proprietary ingredients is the only product that halts equine white line disease, even on stubborn, long-term white line cases. It’s affordable and really works!

B Gone Treats These Common Issues Too

  • Seedy Toe
  • Toe Cracks
  • Brittle Hoof Wall
  • Stall Rot
  • Hollow Foot
  • Wall Thrush
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Denise Bainbridge
Excellent product

It's been very wet here in this past of Florida. All 3 of my horses developed white line in all feet. It's been a nightmare. BGone has been doing a great job of healing those feet. I treat them about 2 x week, which is more than recommended, but it's very damp here still.
I highly recommend this product!

Christine Chamberlin
Excellent product

I’m six weeks into using this for my Friesian mares feet. This product works amazing. I’ve gone through several different products for thrush and white line and this product you actually can tell it’s working! I’m taking my mare to the vets for a recheck this week and am excited to hear what the vet says.

James Kiedis
Love B Gone!

When my farrier returned 6 weeks later, he noted that all of the feet had significantly improved - and that was before he even got his first foot! His actions of trimming and shoeing backed up his first impression. I used about half a tube per horse per application, but someone living in a dryer climate might be able to get away with less. In my 30 years of horseback riding, this is the best white line product I've ever used. I intend to keep a number of tubes on hand.

Anthony Smith
Stock Up Now

Our farrier used it when putting shoes on, and my husband cleaned the hoof and worked some around the shoe with a screwdriver every two weeks between farrier visits. The farrier was so impressed that he wanted to know where we got it so he could stock up. I'd say one tube lasted us four years. 5 months.

Karsyn Dawson
I've never used anything quite like it

I adore this product; in my 17 years as a farrier/hoof care provider, I have never seen anything work as well as "B-. " "Gone" when it comes to white line separation splits in the toes This is a fantastic item. It is strongly suggested.