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    B Gone Hoof Clay is just as effective with the same active ingredients as our original B Gone White Line Treatment. It's easy to apply and works both on shod and barefoot horses.

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    Simple clean the hoof and apply. Penetrates deep into the hoof wall & stays intact.

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    Your horse is an investment and family member, they deserve the best - our hoof clay provides just that.

What if I don't treat White Line Disease?

It can be incredibly dangerous for your horse.
White line disease “eats away” and deteriorates the inner section of the hoof wall causing hoof wall separation. Because the hoof wall supports most of the horses’ weight, any structural weakening in the hoof can cause lameness, even leading to laminitis or founder, a potentially crippling condition.

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1. Make sure hoof is clean & dry.
2. Clean affected area as much as possible.
3. Apply B Gone Hoof Clay to the affected area as a hoof packing.
4. Do not mix with other products.
5. Apply daily until issue resolves. 

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