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What Customers Say About Using B Gone to in Horses!

April 12, 2018

Before treating with B Gone White Line Treatment the white line disease is visable in the hoofwall and toe.

BEFORE 4/12/2018 AFTER 7/25/2018
July 25, 2018

After treating with B Gone White Line Treatment the white line disease is gone and the hoof wall is solid.


"I use it all the time. It works and cures white line!"

Lyle Jenkins

Jenkins Farrier Service Farrier, Ocala, FL

I have been trimming horses 16+ years & nothing I have tried is more effective in growing out white line separation and toe splits than "B-Gone White Line". I have some clients that have been dealing with toe splits for YEARS, and in just 2 treatment/2 6-week trim cycles nearly all splits are grown out that will likely be trimmed out next time.

My only regrets in buying & using this product is not taking before/after pictures! This stuff is amazing, thank you!

Kye Holden


We live in a wet region and have been battling white line disease in my 3 horses for years trying almost every product on the market with disappointing results. With B gone we saw improvement with the first application. After 4 months the white line is GONE! My farrier is truly impressed and recommending this product to other customers. Best product out there.

Kathryn Wilkie

LOVE this product. Effective and easy to use. Saw a huge difference within one 5 week trimming cycle, and my guy's feet just keep getting better. I'm planning to always have a tube on hand. 

Katy Nell Guest

Facebook Follower

B Gone White Line has helped two horses at our non-profit ranch get over their white line disease in such a short time compared to other treatments! It’s all we use now and our farrier is also now a believer!

Regan Raupach

Shepherd Youth Ranch, Creedmoor, NC

Great product, effective and easy to use. I recommend it to all my clients with white line or seedy toe issues.

Eric Gray

I bought my horse Zinger 6 years ago. On his first farrier appointment we discovered a significant case of White Line. After 6 long years of trying every product on the market combating this nasty disease, hoof resection from my saint of a farrier, etc. I saw an advertisement for B-Gone. I figured what the heck, let’s try yet another product. Tim came and did a trim and dug some of the funk out as usual and then we applied the BGone. I’ve been putting I. zingers hoof weekly. Tim came today for Zingers trim and we are stunned. This stuff works! The White Line is almost all cleared up...just one very small section that will get a weekly application. I can’t wait for the next 8 weeks and get that long awaited news “The WLD is gone!” Thank you for a brilliant product! 

Beth Devito

From email

I had purchased an 11-year old Appendix as a school horse and come to find he had white line disease in all four feet. My treating vet straight up told me to just get rid of him. After beginning treatment with BGone White Line Treatment, the disease stopped its progression. He now has a solid hoof wall on all four feet and I didn’t have to go through expensive or tedious treatments!

Lauren Turner

FEI Eventer, Jasper, GA

B Gone worked in just one application on my adopted Arab gelding. I had tried all sorts of treatments on another gelding, but none ever worked very well. And nothing like the results we just got. I highly recommend B Gone.

Robin Chisolm-Seymore

Love this product! I've been using it as directed and seen excellent results! Finally, something that works, is affordable and easy to use.

Kris Folmar Gray

Best treatment I've used for white line in 2 of my horses. once a week treatment was amazing.

Tami Anderson

Use it on my horses which habitually have white line/cracks and it works better than any other product. Thank you!

Jan Pierce

This is an excellent product! I really recommend it.

Zorik Michaeli

Farrier & Horse Trainer

“It’s never failed. Works first time, every time. It’s easy to use. We’ve tried everything that they say works – and it never works. But this stuff works! You won’t be disappointed.

Willie Johnson

Certified Journeyman Farrier, Summerville, GA

I treated 3 horses with white line and all 3 cases were healed by the next shoeing. I like that it's very simple to use and made from ingredients that won't harm live tissue. You may be onto something!


Farrier, Temecula, CA

I used it for the first time on a horse that had to be sedated for shoes. He had white line disease in three feet with 20-30% separation. As soon as we started treating with BGone, the progression stopped and we were able to grow out a healthy foot and keep this horse barefoot. I’ve used it in many stubborn toe cracks I could not get rid of and six weeks later, those toe cracks had grown out and the white line had closed up. It just works.

Chase New

Farrier, Alpharetta, GA

I have struggled with white line on my Quarab for YEARS.... so badly that the ferrier didn't have anything left to nail a shoe to! I finally just decided to keep the horse barefoot and try different treatments so as not to lock the bacteria in again. I thought I would give B Gone a try after doing research and reading the reviews and guess what IT REALLY WORKS!!!! I live in East Tennessee and we have really wet conditions during different seasons of the year and I will definitely keep this handy at the first sign of any white line!!!

Suzkrutz Beckymcclane

From Facebook

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