Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge Sponsored by B Gone White Line Treatment

2018 Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge & 2018 Mustang Heritage Open Show

Proudly Sponsored by B Gone White Line Treatment!

Come and watch the TIP competition as previously-wild BLM mustangs become willing partners after only 100 days with their trainers.

  • DATE:

    October 12-14, 2018


    Chattahoochee Hills Eventing
    9445 Browns Lake Road
    Fairburn, GA 30213

Mark Your Calendars!

The Mustang Open
is a competition for BLM-branded mustangs created for adults and youth who want to continue to compete and showcase the abilities of the mustangs.

2018 Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge

From Wild to Mild in Approximately 100 Days

The 2018 Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge is traveling to Georgia this fall! TIP Trainer, Rebecca Bowman, is hosting the event on the grounds of Chattahoochee Hills Eventing in Fairburn, Georgia.


The TIP Challenge consists of 95 trainers competing in Youth and Adult divisions. Each trainer adopted their wild mustang about 100 days ago on June 15, 2018. Come and see who earns bragging rights for this in-hand competition as trainers showcase their skills and trainability of American Mustangs.

It’s sure to be an exciting time witnessing the beauty and versatility of this national treasure. An auction at the end of the event follows where all horses are available for purchase or adoption.

More About the Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge

The mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) is to increase the adoption of Bureau of Land Management (BLM-housed) American Mustangs through innovative gentling (training) competitions and awareness programs. In keeping with this mission, the Trainer Incentive Program, TIP for short, was created by the Mustang Heritage Foundation to place American Mustangs with potential adopters and purchasers.

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Mustang Heritage 2018 Open Horse Show

2018 Mustang Heritage Open Show
$6,000 Cash and Prizes!

A Competition of BLM-Branded Mustangs for Adults and Youth Wanting to Showcase the Abilities of their Mustangs

Show riders on Mustangs:

As an effort to further the connection between the Mustang Heritage Foundation and program adopters, the Mustang Open Show was created. Since 2007, MHF has placed over 9,500 mustangs into private care. Many of these horses have continued training in a wide range of disciplines and events. The Mustang Open invites all BLM-branded mustangs and burros to participate in a fun, all-around event to showcase their adopted animals and interact with other adopters and enthusiasts.

This is an open competition for all BLM mustangs or burros (any age/must have a BLM Freezemark). Please use a new entry form for each animal. The exhibitor does not have to be the adopter or owner of record. The exhibitor must hold a current Mustang Heritage Foundation membership. ALL animals must have a current Coggins certificate and health certificate and a copy of each must be provided at check-in.

The competition is divided into three divisions including in-hand, walk-trot and walk-trot-lope. Exhibitors ages 8 years and older are eligible to enter. The Mustang Open show will be held in conjunction with 2018 Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge event.

$6,000 Cash and Prizes


1. Trail
2. Freestyle

Walk, Trot:
3. Trail
4. Dressage
5. Freestyle

Walk, Trot, Canter:
6. Trail
7. Dressage
8. Hunters (Jumping)
9. Freestyle
10. Ranch Riding

Classes 1 – 5 offers ribbons and prizes through 10th place and $100 to the winner.
Classes 1 and 2 adult and youth will be pinned separately.
Classes 6 – 10 offers ribbons and prizes through 10th place and $1000 divided as follows: 1st place $500, 2nd place $250, 3rd place $150, 4th place $75, 5th place $25.
Class 9 also offers $500 fan favorite.

Entry Fees: $30/class

*All classes will follow Mustang Heritage Foundation Open Show Rules.
*Trail will be natural obstacles with some obstacles designed to test your skills.
*Freestyle is limited to 3 minutes with 3 minutes set-up time. Freestyle follows MHF rules.
*Dressage tests are Western Dressage Basic 2 or USDF Training 2. Dressage follows USEF rules.
*Hunters may be over a 2’ or 2'-6” course. Follows USHJA rules.
*Ranch Riding is designed to show a working horse's versatility, attitude and movement. This class follows AQHA rules.

Questions and Additional Details

For questions or more details about the 2018 Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge or 2018 Mustang Heritage Open Show, please contact:

Rebecca Bowman TIP Trainer
(859) 489-8141

Stop By and See Us During the Mustang Heritage Event

We’ll have product experts on hand for all three days of the big Mustang Heritage Event available to answer all your questions on eliminating white line disease with B Gone White Line Treatment. We look forward to meeting you at the show!